How To JOIN?

Have a record of integrity and professionalism in the local business community.

2 Attend 2 consecutive NRG meetings.

3 Submit membership application and appropriate fees to
Initiation Fee $150 + Plus First Month $50 = $200.00 for first check. After second meeting. Your check for the above fees will be held until your application has been accepted by a vote of the members.

4 Your application will go before all members of NRG for a vote.

5 After votes have been accumulated, you will be accepted or declined for membership. You will be notified shortly after all the votes are in.

If your application is accepted you will be formally welcomed as the newest member of NRG at the Wednesday meeting following the vote.

We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership and wish you the best of success today and in the future.

Santa Clarita Valley NRG is a group of business professionals that meet once-a-week to share business leads and ideas.