About Us

NRG was founded in 2002 by a small group of Santa Clarita business owners and professionals who realized being a business owner can become a bit isolating unless you actively develop business and social associations with other highly reliable and respected peers.

NRG is different from most networking organizations in several key ways. We have no umbrella organization that charges us dues. In addition, all administrative work for the group is done by our board of directors who receive no compensation from the group. As a result, we are able to spend every dollar collected on our group. This translates to dues that are kept to an absolute minimum. In fact, our mandatory dues do not even cover the cost of our lunches. The shortfall is covered by voluntary participation in our raffles and ticket sales for our weekly drawings.

Another aspect of NRG that differentiates us is our focus on participation in social events with our members. While in the past we have taken cruises and a trip to Las Vegas, the events are usually hosted at a member’s home or business. We plan member events at least quarterly. These events provide the perfect environment to really connect with the other members on a personal level. We have found that developing connections and bonds through these events really helps to keep fellow members at the forefront of our thoughts any time business can be referred.

Over the past 13 years NRG has developed a core group of people who can be counted on to look out for you and your business, and who deserve your referrals and support in return. Membership is voted on by all existing members and will only be considered after you attend two lunches with us.

Come join us for lunch. Meet the group!

Founded in 2002, NRG began as the luncheon spin-off of the morning group Power Partners. Arlene Kelly served as the groups’ first President, with Joe Maggio as the morning group’s liaison. Upon seeing the immense potential the new group held (and upon realizing he didn’t have to get up so early) Joe decided to join the NRG group. He served as President following Arlene’s term, and the group continued to grow;

Dr. Elena Michaels assumed the presidency in 2003 and worked diligently to build the group further;

Dr. Brian Wildemuth took over as President in 2004;

and was followed by John Duncan in 2005;

Michael Fiecco served as the group leader in 2006;

That role was taken on by Bonnie Stauch in 2007;

Dr. Brian was re-elected as the NRG President in 2008;

Dr. Brian passed the "gavel" to Brian Cuda;

Attorney Dan Mortensen assumed the title of President;

Followed by John Douglas who served two consecutive terms as President of the group;

The group elected Ioana Comaniciu to lead the group in the role of President;

Carla Jung was elected as NRG President.

Dan Mortensen was elected as NRG President.

Today NRG has numerous members and continues its growth, focusing on positive attitudes and profitability.

NRG is unique among the Santa Clarita Valley’s networking groups due to its lively, fun atmosphere, its strong ethical foundation, its influential membership, and its commitment to building businesses. Because the group restricts each business category to just one member, there are a limited number of memberships available. We invite you to join us for a free lunch and to learn more about the Network Referral Group!

The NRG Board of Directors is elected by the membership on an annual basis.

Our current Board of Directors for 2015 are: Dan Mortensen (President), Brian Wildemuth (Vice President), Linda Hammond (Secretary), Rob Stern (Treasurer), John Douglas (Member at Large), Allan Pascual (Member at Large), Carla Jung (Member at Large)